Eddy Shorty

After a career as an auto mechanic, Eddy began formal art training at the Institute of American Indian Art in Santa Fe in 1986. He graduated with an Associate of Fine Arts degree.
“It seemed that I was destined to find sculpture. I ended up in a sculpture class only when a jewelry class I wanted to take was full. When I began my first piece, I was so excited to see the stone develop in my hands as I had seen it in my mind.
I knew then I had found my life’s work.”

Artist Image

“Before starting a sculpture, I spend time with the stone and make some sketches of it from different angles. At some point I will see a form in the stone, and it’s simply a process of revealing that form. Animals, or spirit beings, from Navajo mythology are often what appear in the stone.”

“During my 30+ years of carving I have received numerous awards and attended many art shows throughout the United States. One of the most prestigious awards I received was the T.C. Cannon Award for Scholastic and Artistic Achievement from The Institute of American Indian Art.”

“I have also received many ribbons at the Santa Fe Indian Market. These include Best of Division Southwest American Indian Artists Special Award for sculpture, and Standards Award – Excellence in Depiction of Animals – First Place.”

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