Mary-Lou Boulanger

As an artist I strive to make paintings that show the “Beauty in Imperfections”.
Whether painting portraits, still lives, or abstracts I stay true to my style and process.
I show the artists hand in the work and I allow the nature of the materials I am using to have a life of their own. By experimenting the unexpected happens and I have the chance to incorporate this into my work.
This fluid process is both interesting,challenging, and keeps the work fresh and exciting. The colours, textures and patterns I see when traveling are a constant inspiration to me and influence many of my paintings.
With every finished piece I include a combination of mediums, varied mark making techniques, unique colour combinations, interesting surface textures and dynamic compositions. I hope to spark curiosity and reflection in viewers, inviting everyone to connect with the JOY I am feeling when I am painting.
In my current work “Las Jefas”I have been painting portraits of Latino women along with birds and animals which represent the woman’s inner voice or intuition. The portraits are painted in a way that emphasises surface texture, line and form in unexpected ways.

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Mary-Lou Boulanger was born in North bay, Ontario. She was raised in a family of 14 which made for an interesting and busy household. Creating Art allowed for some needed solitude and individual expression. Creating has remained an integral part of her life and is the place where she finds the greatest joy.

Mary Louise graduated from Carleton University with a Bachelor of Arts degree and then went on to receive a Bachelor of Arts in Education.

She taught for The Waterloo County Board of Education for 15 years and then decided to attend Laurier University to study Fine Arts.  After completing 2 years Mary Louise had the opportunity to move to Hong Kong to begin another adventure with her family. While in Hong Kong Mary Louise continued to paint and to purse a career in design.

After living abroad for 14 years Mary -Louise is now a full time artist working between her studios in Canada and Mexico.

Mary-Louise is fortunate to have her paintings in many private collections around the world.

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