About S.M. Chavez – Avowing the Vaquero


S.M. Chavez (Sean Michael Chavez) is a proud native of New Mexico. Working in oil, the pivotal subject within his compositions is the Vaquero. The work is a marriage of old and new, nodding to historic masters such as the Taos Society of Artists as well as to the future of contemporary western art.

A soothing sense of color and exceptional design aesthetic places his work well within the spectrum of the best that contemporary western painting has to offer. Included within notable corporate and private collections, his next frontier will be within the collections of national art museums.

S.M. Chavez is currently represented by Santa Fe’s Acosta Strong Fine Art on Canyon Road. His solo show is titled “The West, A Second Coming’ is scheduled for August of 2021. His first show at the gallery in 2019 was sold out.

Selected additional venues for 2021 include: Coors Western Art Show, National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum  and Albuquerque Museum of Art.

In 2022, he will be participating in the Couse Foundations Gala & Art Auction at the Couse-Sharp Historic Site in Taos, New Mexico — whose mission is to preserve the Couse-Sharp Historic Site.

“It is ironic that the history of the Vaquero is a hidden one. Without the Vaquero, the west and the cowboy as we know it doesn’t exist and neither does western art. It is my honor to be painting this subject with the same sense of duty and connection to place that the original cowboy must have felt. The work must be done. It’s a passion. I’m happy to be doing it.”

— Sean Michael Chavez

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